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I personally feel Personal Progress is designed to adapt and help you continue to grow throughout your life, no matter where you are in life. Currently, I’m a mom. So my Faith project is focused on teaching my young ones what faith means and how it feels and what it may look like during a trial in their own life.




I decided to write a children’s book. Not a huge deal or anything like that. Just something cutesy with words and pictures to publish for our home library.

I haven’t finished but I’ve started.


For any writer (or poser, ahem, me) would know, you write about what you know. Right now my brain is all full up with what my children know and love. What they find breathtaking and exciting. My son thrives outdoors and loves everything about nature right now. So thus I love everything outdoors (minus those pesky mosquitos and that dreaded Zika virus…I’m pretty paranoid over here) and everything about nature too.

In fact we have a caterpillar in a cup and a Venus Fly Trap plant on our kitchen window sill from just this week. Despite the fact that he has gathered so many caterpillars at school they have a whole habitat for them, he still loves finding more and learning all about each one.



Nature, especially seeds and the sun, are cliche faith analogies. I decided to put my own spin on things but basically there is a seed and some sun in there. I just started brainstorming on one of my many many MANY paper products and came up with a simple story line that expressed my feelings and knowledge on faith. I tried really hard not to get too mythical or corny…you’ll have to let me know I guess. (Be Kind…please)

I’ll definitely admit I’m no artist nor author as you can see by my rudimentary art supplies. This project isn’t about being the best or showing the world how good I am at something I’ve always been good at. This project is really digging in and learning what Faith means and how I can apply it to all aspects of my life. I’m not a writer nor an artist so this is a bit embarrassing and harder than I thought. It absolutely will take the full 10 hours even though it looks like it was done by an 8th grader in 10 minutes or less on their bus ride to school…. (I go on tangents. It’s fine)



This didn’t feel like an extra stress. I purposely picked something challenging that wouldn’t hurt my current family life while still pushing me to learn something new and be a little brave.

Hopefully I’ll have the full book all put together and test it out on my little ones later this month. The only other people I could think to show this to in it’s full glory is my Young Women just to give them an idea or spark for their own projects.


The hard part will be learning how to put this all together I think. I’ll let you know how that goes.



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